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Canales * Sinks
Sheet Metal Fabrication
Hand Forged Oval Copper Sink
​Copper's anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties make it an ideal choice for a sink.  Each one is hand pounded and can be made to drop-in or undermount.  Brass drain assembly included.
Copper Clad Canal
Copper Counter and Table Tops
Viga Covers and Downspouts
Light Sconces
Just About Anything You Want
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Our Products
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. 

All of the products we offer are hand made and can be shipped anywhere.
Copper Canales are an essential feature on any adobe style building. Galvanized canales will rust as soon as the galvanized coating wears away, a process that can take only a few years.  Copper canales will last for decades.
Copper makes an attractive and practical choice for counter tops.  It will develop a rich patina over time, or it can be pre-patinated.  Copper's anti-microbial properties are especially useful on surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom.
Vigas, along with canales, are another strong expression of the adobe style of building.  Uncovered vigas will quickly deteriorate from exposure to water and sunlight.  Copper viga covers offer an attractive and maintenance-free option. Downspouts attached to canales will help channel the water to the ground or into a cistern for storage.
We can fabricate a wide variety of light sconces with a variety of styles and finishes.  Give us a description or a drawing of your sconce idea and we will make it happen.
Scoops full of bracelets, pyramids, menorahs, business card holders, dust pans.... You dream it up, we'll make it up.